alumLITE Series is one of our original product lines designed for incandescent and halogen light sources. With the advent of LEDs for incandescent and halogen sockets, our alumLITE continues to be a desired system for façade lighting, wall wash lighting, and marquee lighting. alumLITE is also used in applications where the incandescent or halogen light source is still desirable.

Features & Benefits

Candelabra Base Sockets

- Incandescent or LED Lamps

Intermediate Base Sockets

- Incandescent or LED Lamps

Medium Base Sockets

- Incandescent, Fluorescent or LED Lamps

MR-16 Sockets

- Halogen or LED Lamps

Extruded Aluminum Housing

Field Cuttable

Modular system for field curving

Lamp Guard Options

- Round Lamp Guards

- Square Lamp Gaurds

Baffle Options

- Custom Dimensions Available

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